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Transforming How People Think, Feel and Behave.
We are here to empower you with the skills to unleash your full potential through transformative mindset coaching.

Online Mindset Coaching with Jane Fleming

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Meet Jane


Hi, I’m Jane and I am passionate about guiding you to build your confidence and overcome feelings of Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt. With a background in Psychology and teaching, I am enthusiastic about personal growth and development. Looking back on my own journey and spending time understanding me, I realised that I myself had been suffering for many years from Imposter Syndrome.

I felt stuck professionally and I constantly questioned my own competency.


It was only when I made the decision and commitment to work on myself and understand why I was experiencing these feelings that I was able to do something about it.

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How You Can Work With Me

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Create a Confidence Mindset

In this 4 week programme you will learn how to create a Confidence Mindset so that you can stop self-sabotaging, silence the inner critic and take positive action towards achieving your goals, whether that be in your career or personal life.

Create A Confidence Mindset 

This 4 week programme will start you on the path of creating a confidence mindset so that you can achieve your goals. 


The lessons have been developed to give you knowledge around your limiting beliefs and provide you with tools and strategies that you can implement straight away. 

What you get in the programme:

  • 4 lessons

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions Online

  • Worksheets & Activities for Self-Study

  • Tools & Strategies to use in your daily life

  • Accountability

In This Programme You Will Learn How To...

  • Turn Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Beliefs

  • Overcome Self-Doubt & feelings of Imposter Syndrome

  • Step into your Confidence & develop Self-Belief

  • Gain clarity around your Goals

  • Create Goal Achieving Habits

What You Will Cover Each Week...

  • Week 1 - Gain an understanding of your limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering beliefs

  • Week 2 - How to stop self-sabotaging by creating a self-image for SUCCESS

  • Week 3 - How to overcome feelings of imposter syndrome, procrastination and step out of your comfort zone

  • Week 4 - Gain clarity around your goals and put a plan in place to create better results

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Thinking into results

This programme has been developed to help take you from where you are now to where you want to go, whether that be in your career, business, personal life or relationships. 

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Thinking into Results Programme 

This 6 month programme was developed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher and leads the field in self leadership. Mentoring is for 6 months but you get access to the programme FOR LIFE.


The lessons have been developed to help take you from where you are now to where you want to go whether that be in your career, business, personal life or relationships. 

What you get in the programme:

  • 12 lessons

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions Online

  • One-to-one Mentoring

  • Worksheets & Activities for Self-Study

  • Workbook 

  • Video Tutorials from Bob Proctor 

  • Tools & Strategies to use in your daily life

  • Accountability

This Programme will…

  • Help you take the Control back from those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back up until now

  • Teach you Transformational tools to use in your daily life

  • Equip you with Mindset strategies to change how you think day to day

  • Give you Clarity on what you want to create and achieve in life

  • Develop the self-confidence to go after what it is you want

  • Help to achieve better results in life

This Programme is for you if…

  • You feel stuck in life, crippled by indecision and don't know how to move forward

  • You sabotage your own success with procrastination, perfectionism and negative self-talk

  • You compare yourself to others and believe you are never good enough

  • You are continually looking for the next course/training/qualification hoping then that you will feel competent enough

  • Fear of not succeeding, others judgement and even fear of success stops you from taking the next step towards your goals

  • You have an inner desire to change career, start your own business or make changes in your life but self-doubt stops you from taking action and going for it


"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right"

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FREE Imposter Syndrome Quiz

According to Valerie Young, there are 5 Types of Imposter Syndrome.

The first step in building that inner confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs is finding out where you are at.

Awareness is KEY.

Complete our short quiz to find out which one you resonate with.

Jane has been an invaluable mentor to me since we met in 2021. Her continual support, advice and delivery of the TIR programme has had a huge impact on the success of not only my business's but also my self confidence, self belief and ability to work towards all my goals and desires.

Jane will go above and beyond and is an inspiring mentor.

I cannot recommend her enough.

- Aisling McClelland

Jane delivered a powerful and thought provoking session to a group of women who are training to become volunteers. The session focused on building confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome and the importance of having dreams, creating goals and recognising our own self image. Not only did this encourage our new volunteers to think about their own confidence and goals for the future, it also helped equip them with the tools to support our clients. The women thoroughly enjoyed the session, we would highly recommend Jane, she has a great presence when facilitating and is very knowledgeable in her field of work.

- Sarah Quinn

I first met Jane at an online networking event hosted by Mums At Work. I took part in her two week online workshop ‘Setting and Achieving Worthy Goals’.
The webinars were well presented and very insightful, the sessions really helped me to focus on my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them. I also had access to a support group which was great, it enabled me to hold myself accountable and stay motivated.
After the workshop had finished I had a one-to-one call with Jane. I found her to be really down to earth and approachable. I didn’t feel awkward at any point, Jane was very easy to talk to and I could relate to her. She is a great listener and helped me so much.I would highly recommend Jane to anyone.

- Michelle McGowan

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